There is something about Spain and it’s people that is unequalled. I felt myself sigh with pleasure as I crossed the bridge to Tui this afternoon. What a beautiful little town it is with its enormous Cathedral that you have to pay to enter. No, I didn’t pay. I refuse. I just got my stamp in my credential and off I went. I stood outside taking photos for people who wanted to have a picture of themselves standing on the steps. Guess it must be a big moment for a Catholic on a religious pilgrimage.

People here speak a mixture of French, Spanish and Portugues. It is confusing. I don’t know whether to say obrigado, merci or gracias. They are friendly and helpful. I’m staying in Valenca (Portugal)which is a few kms from Tui (Spain),and after wandering all around the fortress, I went to Tui and explored the alley ways and shop lined streets. What a beautiful place. So old!

I met a taxi driver and we had a cafe con leche and shared a brownie.

He drove me back to Valenca and suggested that he come back in the morning to pick me up and take me back to the cathedral in Tui to start my walk. My eyes lit up with the thought of not having to tackle the hill again so we agreed that he would be back at 8am. He didn’t charge me. We spoke French as the common language so it was not easy but I’m hoping that’s what is going to happen! Who knows, he could be coming back to take me to meet his grandmother or something!

My ankle and blisters are thanking me for a day’s rest so I’m ready to hit the trail again now. There are so many pilgrims in town so I guess I’ll only get lost if I follow the wrong pilgrim and find myself at the train station or something. Word is that people are spreading out from the Frances Camino because it is so busy and they are walking on the other trails. Looks like the Portugues is the next busiest for the last 100 kms. We shall see.

Oh and lunch today was roast pork, spinach, potatoes, bread and rice, washed down with a lovely local white wine.

I love the way they bring you tapas when you first sit down – such a wonderful custom. Todaywas a curry puff and fish empanada kinda day.

So I think that’s it for now. Hope you are enjoying my little movies.😀

5 Replies to “Ahhhhh….Spain!”

  1. Hi Stotty, gorgeous photos of sunny Spain! (Its 9′) here! And i m about to venture out to feed my always hungry horses…
    Glad u are enjoying some spoilage! Why not!
    I can t always open the videos, but its probably because of these beautiful bush hills…
    Loving sharing your travels again, thankyou, love megxxxxx

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    1. Awww thanks Meg. I can’t imagine the cold. I’m facing a hot climb up two big hills today 😳. Open the videos when you go into town and get better reception because they really show what it is like. Thanks for following


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