A new adventure

I wake this morning with sun streaming into my room and magpies warbling in the gum trees surrounding my cabin. Utter bliss!

I’m off on a new adventure….going back to the Blue Mountains to work. I’m so looking forward to foggy mornings, shuffling among autumn leaves, country community hospitality, and feeling cold again (haven’t seen winter for a few years now). Covid restrictions slammed on Queensland very quickly, forcing me to make a sudden and heartbreaking decision to get in my car and leave the family almost overnight so I could get over the border into NSW. No time for proper goodbyes. It left me feeling only half a whole😢 As Brisbane was in lockdown, I couldn’t have Easter with my grandchildren and I couldn’t spend some time with little Leo before I left. I just threw things in the car and drove all day, avoiding Brisbane altogether and taking the inland route. I had hoped for a family Easter but that is not meant to be.

I found myself way down in Mudgee, booked this little cabin and rang some friends that live there. I was promptly invited to a scrumptious meal of salmon, cauli cheese and salad and we sat around the table chatting for hours. It was so nice to relax and wonderful to be back in their company. In the morning, I went back for breakfast and Jennifer made some hot cross buns while Bill made coffee. We sat at the kitchen bench in their beautiful modern/retro kitchen for another couple of hours chatting about all things esoteric, movies, books and life in general. Gotta love old fashioned country hospitality!

I sat there enveloped in their warm and genuine friendship thinking back to pre Camino days. Bill’s book (The Way, My Way) was the first book I read after deciding to go to Spain and walk a Camino, and there I was, sitting in his kitchen many years later, chatting with him and his wife as if I’d known them forever. I must admit to still being a little star struck in his presence!

Reluctantly, I left, so they wouldn’t feel obliged to invite me for lunch as well🥺 and went for a walk in the park before my last leg to the mountains which is only a 2 hour drive from there.

The drive from Mudgee to Blackheath (my destination) is beautiful and before I knew it I found myself high in the mountains, unwinding the car window to breath the fresh eucalyptus scented air.

My soul devours these moments, and I was jumping with excitement for my new adventure. I pulled up outside The George (a boutique hotel in Blackheath) and my new home for the next few months, stepped up to the large front door and was greeted by Vicki, my new employer.

Let the adventure begin!

My apartment, and bottom right is the library

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  1. All the best to you, Maggie. You have found a beautiful spot to stay. No doubt you will enjoy yourself there while making new friends and connecting with old friends. Take care of yourself.


  2. Wonderful news re your new adventure Marg. Sounds exciting. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing your beautiful photos xxMandy


  3. Thanks for sharing! So excited for your new adventure and your apt looks just lovely and full of light

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I have read and followed you and your travels for some years now. Your story and mine are very similar and I feel that I know you even though we have never met. You are living my life, and maybe I can meet you in person one day. Good luck with your new adventure.


  5. Funny, I’ve been reading your posts for a long time. I live in Mudgee with my husband and know Bill and Jennifer well. We have also walked The Camino a few years ago with Bill’s blessing. bush I’d known you were here and met up. Good luck in. beautiful Blackheath – a great community where my sister had a house and we spent many hoary times there. Another lovely community. God luck!


  6. Sorry you had to leave in a hurry, but apart from that it all sounds fab!
    I imagined you would be working at Glenella, ( obviously not)
    How exciting, another chapter in your lifelong adventure.
    I’d love to catch up with you sometime while you’re in the Mountains.
    Best wishes with your next adventure


      1. I’m in Faulconbridge!
        Work all day Wednesdays but finish early every other Tuesday. ( around 12)


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