Coming Home to the Blue Mountains

I’ve just come home from a wonderful movie night at Glenella . We had a special screening of I’ll Push You- a camino movie of course.

Swept up into welcome back hugs on arrival I immediately bathed in the atmosphere and friendliness of this community. Chairs were strategically placed around the room and the big screen beckoned us to find a seat and grab some popcorn or maltesers. The buzz of excitement and anticipation swirled around the room and I thankfully noted the boxes of tissues placed on the tables nearby. I grabbed a couple, knowing I was going to tear up even though I must have seen this movie ten times!

Margaret sat with me and I welled up straight away as my beautiful friend Susi appeared on the screen. This was a fund raiser for her albergue in Spain. Due to financial hardships with no pilgrims for so long, it has been necessary to help out…after all, that is what the Camino is about…supporting each other with love.

Sniffles and laughter were heard and all emotions checked. What a ride this movie is! It was over all too soon and I wandered out into the street completely enveloped in Blue Mountains mist. Not a breath if wind. Yes, I feel like I’ve come home. I so love this place! To use the words if my friend Lindsay, it is “place where I feel that everything makes sense” and I am able to just “be”.

2 Replies to “Coming Home to the Blue Mountains”

  1. I loved this movie. What a wonderful story of friendship and commitment – I’d love to see it on the big screen. Enjoy your time in the Blue Mountains – another visit there is on my bucket list.


  2. A wonderful start to your new adventure. Nice to be in the company of friends in such beautiful surroundings. Enjoy every minute.


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