A Random Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m sitting in a memory! Perched on a vinyl chair at a table topped with green and white mottled laminex , I gaze upon the many photos from the area in the 1950’s. The scent of freshly baked scones, muffins and coffee fill my lungs. I’m almost floating back in time to memories of sitting at our green laminex table in the warm and cosy kitchen of my childhood, the scene of many a deep conversation and noisy dinners….the hub of the house. Back in the days where no one locked their doors, neighbours wandered in randomly and enjoyed a cuppa and a piece of cake, the kettle was always on the stove.

Yes, I’m in a cafe. ‘Straight to the Point Cafe’ is in Sanctuary Point, a tiny Seaside town on the South Coast of NSW. It’s raining heavily and I just wanted to take refuge and replenish whilst on my road trip, and oh my, what a sanctuary it is!

Chatting to Daniel, the owner, who by the way, treats everyone like a long lost friend, I discover that Juan in the kitchen is from Valencia, Spain. I’m caught by surprise because I find myself slipping into speaking spanish (as limited as it is) . How funny! WTF? Weird!

I sit back revelling in the atmosphere, sipping coffee from my Royal Albert bone China cup, as Daniel proudly regales stories of the people in the framed photos on the walls. He has obviously taken an interest in the history of the area. He laughs as he shows me the picture of the rather large showgirl who was somewhat of a celebrity, and it is obvious he is a bit of a romantic, as he has so many photos of local weddings. There is one photo showing a bride wearing a dress so similar to that of my mother.

Wandering around the spacious little cafe, I take note of all the fabulous touches of detail, the cleanliness and the quirkiness of this beautiful hidden gem. Old teapots, tea cups and saucers adorn the dresser and I’m tempted to have another coffee, not wanting to leave.

But leave I must. I’m on a road trip after all. The place is beginning to pump with all the locals dropping in for a chat and a cuppa, just like it was in my home as I was growing up. It has that feel, that friendly atmosphere that envelops you like a huge hug from grandma. I’m sure I will be back

3 Replies to “A Random Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. I will be putting this cafe on my list Marg thankyou!!! Its rare these days to find cafes serving tea in decent tea cup and saucers!


  2. Lovely post.
    Meg ( partner) is going down the coast with ‘ the girls’ on Sunday, staying Vincentia , this place is on the list ( now)
    Thanks 😊


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