A Well Earned Rest

Many of you will know that I am now working in the Blue Mountains, managing a boutique hotel. I arrived amid a stunning autumn with the tree lined streets ablaze with red,orange and yellow (a sight not seen in Queensland and I’ve missed it). I have shuffled through the fallen leaves, made copious amounts of soup and dusted off the winter woollies. It’s cold here but I’m loving the weather change after not seeing a winter for a few years now. It’s wonderful!

Gosh it’s been busy. I was given a few days off this week, so I took the opportunity to go away somewhere. Armed with a couple of bottles of wine, I trundled down the Highway, heading for the South Coast of NSW, slightly warmer weather and the promise of a roast dinner at a friends invitation.

I spent a few nights down near Berry and was treated to a personal tour of the area, lunch by the ocean, a warm cosy open fire and great conversation.

Today, I reluctantly returned, but as directed, I came back via Kangaroo Valley, just down the road from my friend’s farm. OMG…..he lives in Paradise. After winding up the mountains through the forest, I turned off towards Kangaroo Valley and had to stop so many times to take photos. Fat black cows grazing on the velvety green grass appeared in the fog….a huge white cloud had descended into the valley and I unwound the window to smell the eucalyptus emanating from the damp gum leaves. I was in heaven! I think this is one of the nicest drives I’ve done. It was absolutely stunning and well worth the longer route.

I also stopped off at the Fitzroy Falls, went for a brisk walk into the forest, and as I couldn’t feel my fingers, I congratulated myself on the purchase of some alpaca wool gloves a few weeks ago.

Now, back at ‘home’ I’m curled up on the couch wearing thick wooly socks and my favourite comfy tracksuit. I feel like I’ve been away for weeks.

12 Replies to “A Well Earned Rest”

  1. Wonderful photos Marg. I think the Kangaroo Valley is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world xx


  2. Às someone else comments, you are a real inspiration. I always enjoy reading your posts and such interesting news. The accompanying photos are, as usual, lovely. I could smell the eucalypt aroma as I read. and could feel that cloud as it descended…special. Stay rugged up and keep warm and safe.

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  3. I’ve got the same spotty cream and brown cushions 😀 I love autumn too but it’s too cold here in France so I could do with a little spring sunshine about now 😀 xx

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