Time to think

I’ve decided to take a rest day and explore the town. This trip was never really about wanting to achieve anything. I’ve done the Camino thing before and I think I probably just wanted to have a holiday. I often find it disappointing that you arrive in a beautiful town and don’t have time to explore, so this time I’m going to relax a bit. Take a breath all you ‘true camino’ people. After having a lovely time in Barcelos, I’m catching a bus to Ponte de Lima this afternoon, and I’m enjoying the guilty pleasure of it.

I had time to wander the alleyways, walk along the river, take photos, and sit in a cafe and contemplate my thoughts over a mo mada limonada and Portugues tart. It’s been lovely. this bike is for hire. Not sure if the doll comes with it…😳

nearly died taking this photo. I was on the bridge and there is literally 2 feet between the railing and the cars. They drive like maniacs here and don’t go around you or slow down. Scary…especially when you are walking in the side of the road

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  1. that’s a lovely place. We detoured to Fatima from there I think. Was interesting as well. Enjoy your journey. You know you will get it done so quickly Marg..Good idea to take your time and explore! xxx

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