Im so embarrassed

Morning sounds

He started at 4am and didn’t stop. Should see the size of him. Looks like that Disney rooster (Foghorn Leghorn)

Now, my friends are going to laugh at this, and I’m ok with that…. you may or may not know that I’m almost legally blind and can’t see a thing further than an inch away when I’m not wearing my contact lenses. I had to go to the bathroom in the early hours, so I had taken mental notes before I went to bed as to where the bathroom was and what sort of handle it had etc. BUT as I approached the door (half asleep) I went to grab the handle and found myself face to face with my reflection. There was a mirror on the back of the door. I gasped in terror, thinking I had just walked into someone, apologised and then realized what had happened. No one said anything but I know I woke them. How embarrassing! Another reason for the early departure. 😳

Shared the room last night with two French couples, a couple from Adelaide and a gorgeous young girl from Iran. She had taken the wrong road and a kind lady took pity and drive her about 15 kms to the right track. She was in tears and exhausted and had walked about 40kms. Given the wrong info at the Porto tourist info place 😡😡

You can run, but you can’t hide! I only got about a km down the road when I came across this..

Yep, the first of three. There is no one around on this Camino. I walked all day on my own, which is weird. Well, I took the second detour and it was obviously the long way because I had walked for about 3 or 4 hours and bumped into the French people from last nights albergue who left 2 hours after me and looked fresh as daisies, saying it had only been 8 kms. ( by then, I had walked 14!!!) and my feet were really sore because of the hard road walking. So today I’ve done about 32kms I think and that’s not something I usually do! It’s too far.

Along the way, I came across this weird display. I noticed a bush move and saw a strange man peering at me through the wisteria. I think he was a bit mentally disabled as he was dressed like a pirate, minus the eye patch. When he saw me looking at him, he jumped into a very small moped and rode away panicking.. so strange.

And, just now, I dropped in to Cantinho do Peregrino to have dinner and the owner came and took my photo because I’m from Australia. Here is my dinner tonight-delicious but oily chicken soup, beef, rice and salad and long awaited white wine . Cheers!

Nothing else happened today do I have no interesting stories. I staggered in to Barcelos and lashed out on a hotel. It has a spectacular view of the river and a memory foam mattress. Happy hiker now

6 Replies to “Im so embarrassed”

  1. Oh, Marg. Sounds like hard work so far. Drunken roommates and detours with a VERY long walk in a day. Good luck for the days ahead.


  2. Hi Margaret. Met you a couple of times at functions at the Blue Mountains Group at Glenella in Blackheath. Have a great camino best wishes Marion and Trevor Hall. Katoomba, Blue Mountains.


  3. Well hopefully we won’t get lost in September. Love reading your blogs. You are entertaining. Now concerned about having the right shoes! When you get back I will look forward to the Skype call to prepare us. 💕💕


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