Ready To Start

At breakfast this morning, I happened across a Canadian guy (Dan) looking quite lost and a bit nervous. This is his first Camino so we sat and chatted a while. I bought my train ticket yesterday to where I want to start walking, so as I knew where to go, I offered to walk him down to the Cathedral and the train station. We packed up our stuff and after he got his credential stamped, we caught the train to the end of the line. It seems he hasn’t done much research and doesn’t carry a guidebook or app so after sharing a drink and Portuguese tarts, we parted waysI admire his sense of adventure. He is off on the coastal route and I have changed my mind again and will walk the central. I hope he will be ok. He really needed a bit of help. I will always be grateful for Colleens help on my first few days a few years back so it was nice to pay it forward. I think I was his first Camino angel!

Anyway, I’m settled in at a lovely albergue called Casa da Laura in Vilarinho, and will face a 28km day tomorrow. Gulp!

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