The Unexpected Things are the Best

Today was absolutely wonderful. It began with the taxi driver coming by. He took me out for breakfast before dropping me off at the cathedral to start walking. What a lovely man. I complained yesterday about having to pay in the cathedral but I am humbled and ashamed by that, as the Camino obviously sent me this man so I would think about what I had said…..his name was JESUS!

Giggling with this thought, I set off and soon found myself in a beautiful forest, with the path often following a river. I devoured the scent of home surrounded by gum trees and watched little robins darting around in the bushes. The frog chorus kept me entertained and I sauntered slowly towards my next albergue in a dream.

For some reason, whenever I need help with something a German comes along to fix things. I am fascinated by this phenomenon but I watch the pattern every time. Today I was actually feeling a little lonely, thinking I would love to share all of this with someone. Perhaps I am not such a loner anymore! 😳

I had been chatting with Colleen, my walking buddy, on Facebook last night and I realized I was missing her badly. She is what has been missing on this Camino. After walking six and a half weeks together last year on the Via de la Plata, I had grown used to her being at my side, or in front of me as she walks faster, and I was filled with longing for her crazy sense of humour. I wanted to laugh.

Enter Kurt the German! Whistling and singing rather badly, he wandered up from behind and we started to chat, passed a pleasant hour or two and then he made me laugh. Ahead of us was a very long green concrete path and he joked about walking the Green Mile. I hoped it wasn’t leading us to our death, as it was roadside and cars were flying by.

He was just the right person to come along, not minding that I don’t talk a lot whilst I’m walking. I think he needed my company to slow him down as he described his hectic life. He made me laugh and made me contemplate. I enjoyed his presence and he was a real gentleman making sure that I found my albergue for the night. We parted ways and I may it may not see him again but that’s ok.

I checked for bed bugs when I got here and guess what I found! Aghhh😱😱😱😱 when I turned the sheet back there was heaps of bug poo in the folds of the mattress edge. I looked by the wall and could see almost mounds! I quietly went up to the girl in reception, told her, she inspected and almost vomited. (She started working here last week.) So, I was moved to another bed and found the same! She was horrified and as we whispered, I could sense that nothing would be done.

Anyway, I’m now upstairs in a proper bed and sharing the room with a lovely English lady who is incredibly interesting. Hope I’m as spritely and adventurous as her when I’m 81! She left her dominating husband of 47 years and sold all her possessions. She has been backpacking and traveling ever since and has lived in Spain, Australia, Argentina, India and so many other places. Wow. She doesn’t have a home but travels and leaves an impression on everyone she meets with her beautiful spirit.

So today was so wonderful and filled with interesting moments. It’s good to be alive. It’s great to be back in Spain and I’m so very grateful for these gifts

Today’s random sightings:

rounded the corner in the middle of nowhere and was faced with these!another coke machine on the side of the road

Both dogs cocked their legs on this marker…

9 Replies to “The Unexpected Things are the Best”

  1. Why am I only seeing this now? How could I have missed this? I missed you too pilgrim… but we will walk another route one day you know 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I am totally amazed by that 81year old lady, look at her flexibility not just in her pose but her attitude in life. Incredible. Loving your blog Marg, Buen Camino.


  3. What a truly wonderful time you are having, so peaceful and beautiful countryside. Love hearing your stories and enjoying the photos. Cold and wet here!


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