Whilst reading an article posted on Facebook recently, I was struck by the realisation that not only does Australia have its own version of English, but we also share a universal language that abbreviates things more than we Australians do (is that possible?)

We now read that we have FOMO and there is TMI….I mean, WTF?

What language are our grandchildren going to be speaking? Will they still GTS to learn anything? Will they BATW or construct sentences? WTH will our language be like?

Random thoughts but it’s real people! IIH

Anyone understand that? Lol

5 Replies to “WTF?”

  1. Totally understand that, and like you I fear for our language. My sister and I disagree…she maintains its evolving as it has done for centuries, and whilst I agree my point is that we are losing the structure of the language, spelling being my particular bugbear, and I wonder wth knows wtf we’ll be speaking in years to come.

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  2. I am afraid that i understand very little of it at all and i Do find it all extremely frustrating to come to grips with. However, this is the way that our language is heading and, i guess, we all have to get on board with it or be left “racing for the train that is not going to wait for us”. Just my thoughts.
    On the subject of language, there is also “the turn of phrase” and the way we ask for things, for eg. “Hey, just “flick me an email”….a particularly onerous and unthinking term IMHO.!

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      1. I actually prefer ‘ping me an e-mail’. I think it sounds a little more electronic and appropriate.
        One that really makes my blood boil is ‘arks’ instead of ask? WTF is that all about, I ask you!! Or should that be ‘I arks you’?

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