Nearly There and Full of Thoughts

Each day we sing songs as we walk. They get stuck in our heads and after seeing a lonely little petunia about a week ago, I’ve had that song stuck in my head.

“Im a lonely little petunia in an onion patch,An onion patch, yes, an onion patch. I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch, and all I do is cry each day. ”

It is driving me mad!we also sang yesterday, ‘Twist in my Sobriety’ and took photos of our shadows as we danced down the hill. I will miss these times so muchI suppose I’m getting nostalgic. It will be strange not seeing Colleen every day. We have spent about 6 weeks together and we have laughed together every day. I am finding it hard to imagine not getting up and walking with my backpack on from 8 until 3 ish with my lovely English/French friend. It has become  my ‘normal’.  We are less than 60 kms from Santiago and we have divided it up into 3 x 16km days. I’m sad but excited and can’t believe that I’ve managed to walk 1000 kms!!!! We reach Santiago on Saturday at lunchtime.we saw a few scarecrows today too…

As we wandered along the road today, I couldn’t find anything interesting to photograph and I’m not sure if it was my mood or the fact that the scenery was more of the same. How sad if it was the latter because Galicia is so beautiful with its oak lined laneways and mossy rocks. We picked our way up and down steep rocky paths, through tiny towns and past veggie patches full of cabbages and tomatoes, past big fat jersey cows, horses and so many dogs and cats.  We picnicked in the shadow of an ancient church and stopped every now and again for a ‘boots off’ and drink of water.

It’s so easy to be nonchalant about all we see and experience, the people we meet, and the stunning scenery that we see around us. We have seen so much that people wouldn’t see whizzing past in a car. We’ve smelled nature at its best and worst, the sweet smell of herbs, wood smoke from chimneys and the rose gardens, along with the constant stench of cow poo as we artfully dodge it on the path. The sunrises have been absolutely amazing and these have been the focus every morning. Here is today’s…I will miss this. So, today WAS much of the same but still beautiful.nothing unusual happened except for meeting Jonny, a Spaniard who has also walked from Sevilla, wearing what every well dressed pilgrim should wear…. (Tongue in cheek) all that was missing was lederhosen! I couldn’t take a photo from the front. It would have been rude. Anyway, we found him in our fabulous albergue tonight and he seems like a lovely man. 

He wanted us to join him and two Italian men for dinner. Then he invited two Mexican women! It was all too much for us after weeks of being on our own, so we snuck away and are now in the bar drinking very strong red wine, and I’m pissed because dinner is not served until late! Uh oh. I think it’s going to be a big night!

2 Replies to “Nearly There and Full of Thoughts”

  1. I walked with my friend Rod from Alcuescar and on and off with Ludovic from Zamora, and we truly were “Los Tres Amigos”. I found it very hard when we reached Santiago as I did not want to leave them at all. I truly miss their physical presence even though we are still in touch over Facebook. I continued on to Finisterre and the boys left later that day for their homes. I was a teary mess on that walk out of SdC. Saying goodbye was so hard. And I think we had an inkling that it was going to be an emotional time because we started walking smaller distances in the last 7 days as though we didn’t want it to end.


  2. Marg, you could always go on, and walk to Finisterre and Muxia. I understand those sentiments. Too much beauty inures the eyes, yet, I have enjoyed each one of your photos, and some more so. I loved the lambkins. Savour these last days. Remember, Camino wanderlust will keep calling.


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