Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Santiago!

I kept singing this to myself today as I wandered along more leafy  laneways.

4 days of walking left and we will arrive in Santiago on Saturday about lunchtime! Cannot believe that it is nearly done and that we are on the countdown now. Tonight we are in Castro Dozon in a large albergue high on a hill and we are sharing the dorm with the Korean girls again. About 20 bunks and only 5 of us here! 

Today was mostly uphill again as we had descended into a large valley to the Monastery. Leaving there this morning, I turned around and took these fabulous photos of the monastery. It is so big!Large loose rocky paths and lots of moss covered stone fences, horse poo, cow poo, goat poo and dog poo. Gum trees are beginning to appear now amongst the oak and chestnut trees. We met some lovely locals on the way today. There is not a lot to say about today really. I love Galicia and its fairytale landscape. It has such a Celtic feel and at times you feel like you are in Ireland or England. The scent of cow manure permeates everything and I really feel like a stinky pilgrim. I’ve just had a shower and washed my clothes but the smell still lingers. I’m not sure if I just have the stench stuck in my nose or if I really do smell. No wonder they still burn incense in the Botofumeiro in the Santiago cathedral!!!

4 Replies to “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Santiago!”

  1. Wow! You have nearly reached your destination! What great little feet u have that have taken you sooooo far!(again!) and it seems you inadvertantly have become a Poo Expert!!! On this note i have just removed a twirly snowcone of wombat poo from a garden tile( he ate a polyanthus in the process!) they love perching on something- so we can see they have visited! He s a massive boy, must weigh about 60kg and lives under the hill house…..
    Ok, onward, onward! Reminds me of that little red train in the kids book, “I think I can,I think I can!”- well u nearly HAVE!! Go Stotty!!! Love, megxxxx


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