Another Great Day…

When we got back last night, everyone else had gone out and were at the other bar in town. We had dined on beautiful home cooked fare, drunk too much wine, and were in bed by 8.45. I pretended to be asleep when they came in, and they were telling Colleen what a great meal they’d had. It was evident later, as the chorus of snoring and farting began and continued throughout the night! That and the mosquitoes buzzing around my head kept me awake much if the night😜

Anyway, we waited for them all to leave in the morning, and then we went back to our bar for breakfast. We had a late start because of this and even though we only walked 16 kms today, it took us ages, as we sauntered along more beautiful lanes lined with oak and chestnut trees, apple trees, blackberry bushes etc. we passed farms with loads of chooks, dogs, horses and even a few donkeys. And there were arrows on this overpass….why? Where else did they think I could go?which one is Colleen? 

At one stage we found ourselves on another Roman path and bridge.  

We stopped for lunch in a really rustic and quaint bar, and then moved on to find the scenery changing again into a Galician wonderland. We felt like we were on a movie set, expecting dinosaurs to appear, or perhaps in a novel where goblins would dart out in front of us. The woods are dark and the trees are gnarled. It is not hard to imagine their long boughs and branches turning into fingers that could reach out and touch you. They have lumpy bits on their trunks that look like fairy faces or sometimes dragon faces. It is fascinating!

It was warm today. It rained a little and then turned humid. The path became quite muddy and slippery, so we had to take our time. There was also a bit of road walking, which is really hard on your feet. As with much of the VDLP, there is little opportunity to sit and rest. The only place we could find was a drain. Gerry said it had been such a ‘draining day,’ so it seemed appropriate. 

We marched on to find our bed for the night, and just as we reached the door, the heavens opened and thunder roared! Hopefully it is over now and we can enjoy our second last day on the Camino tomorrow!


3 Replies to “Another Great Day…”

  1. Stotty, you have nearly done what u set out to do- what an achievement!! What a challenge!! You ve nearly nearly made it! Congratulations to your dear feet for carrying you all that way!
    I ll so miss your blogs which have transferred me away with you somehow, nearly able to smell the smells and see the sights and hear you talking through your thoughts and emotions- all the while keeping our precious and now blessed talisman safe and sound…..
    THANKYOU dear Stotty, my Bilbo Baggins, my thin space explorer, my Friend, always…. love, meg xxxx


  2. More pretty pretty sights- really is quite stunning!! Can t believe you ve nearly done this!!!! Bet yr feet do tho!!
    Happy journeys end Stotty!! Love you, meg xxxx😘🚶🏻‍♀️


  3. Glad you made shelter in the nick of time. Must have been a good session last night. (Fairies and goblins jumping you in the forest? OK, I can believe that; however, dinosaurs?) ( :


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