It’s the Little Things

Began the day hearing the obligatory rooster which started all the neighbourhood dogs barking and howling, but looking out the window, I saw this beautiful sight. It was going to be a good day!

Even better when I found these😳

Supposedly grandma’s recipe…what HAS granny been up to?!

I sat in the garden of the nunnery for a while, got a coffee and filled in some time chatting to Gonzalo on the phone while waiting for the bus to come and whisk me away further afield. I’m making my way back to Santiago.

I had to change buses at San Vincente so I ate there and took some photos. Nothing much to see really. The tide was out.

Everywhere is super busy as it is a long weekend here in Spain and these towns in the mountains and along the coast are holiday spots for the Spanish. My trip to Gijón took all afternoon, so when I got here I went straight to my hotel because it was 30 degrees and I was hot and sweaty.

Mr Bean checked me in. Actually he is a cross between Manuel and Mr Bean. Very expressive with his eyes and nods his head a lot, but when he gets excited and doesn’t know the English words, he just says them in Spanish, assuming I understand. Que???

Anyway, I was starving, so I showered in my palatial bathroom with heated towel rails, two sinks, big fluffy towels and (gasp) a hair dryer. What a difference to last night’s spartan cell in the nunnery.

My hair is soft as silk after washing it in a “paraben free soothing formulation imbued with organic argan oil, mandarin oil and aloe Vera extract” which is guaranteed to help keep my scalp healthy, toned and beautiful. I kid you not! I felt so irresistible and sexy after that! I smell good enough to eat. Yes, it’s the little things that make life fun. A simple little bottle of hotel shampoo and I’m on cloud nine! I won’t begin to describe the actual hair conditioner and soap gel!!! Oh my! Let’s just say the pilgrim stench is long forgotten and I’m once again just like the other ladies promenading down the main street wafting delicious scents behind me.

Anyway, tonight I dined at a cider bar recommended by the very knowledgeable Gonzalo as the best place in town.

I had beef with grilled vegetables and a smelly cheese sauce dribbled on top, and of course, washed it down with cider.

So fully satiated, I returned to my room to write my blog and reflect upon my day. Life is good when little things make you happy.

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