Never Let Your Guard Down When You are in the Shower

Today was fun. I got up early and took to the Camino path. It felt good to be following arrows again.

Northern Spain is mountainous and it seemed all I did was walk uphill for ages.

Hoping to get a glimpse of the sea, I was disappointed, and as what goes up must come down, it was a constant battle. The sun came out and even though it was only 23 degrees, when you are climbing hills with little shade or cool breeze, it’s tough.

Out came the trusty grotty scarf to wipe my sweat, and the water level in my bottles dwindled fast. The cows were watching me closely!

I don’t have any guide books with me so I had no idea where I was or how far to the next major town, so I just walked for about 5 hours, thinking it would be about 18-20 kms.

Tomorrow I will move on to Gijón for two days. I’m sort of having a sight seeing holiday with a little bit of Camino thrown in here and there.

I’m staying in a nunnery tonight and have just been told that I need to go to prayers at 6.30 too 😳

My room is a cell but i have it all to myself which is nice. Monasteries and nunneries are fun to stay in but they are spartan. All I have is a single bed, a chair and a sink in the corner. The house cat has adopted me and won’t leave my side. It is curled up on my bed right now. I’m not a ‘cat person’ but he is kinda cute.

The only thing with these places is that as much as I love the basic amenities, the showers always fill me with dread. I was not disappointed here! I placed my ‘S’ hook over the door and hung my clothes on it then turned on the shower, waiting about 5 minutes for the hot water to appear. Gradually it warmed a little but then the pressure suddenly kicked in, forcing the shower head to fly off its anchor and projectile vomit scorching hot water all over my clothes hanging on the door. It took a moment to register what was happening and get the water out of my eyes! Unfortunately, my towel, my jeans and clean shirt were drenched and dripping by the time I got things under control! I am now sitting in the common area in wet clothes hoping the warmth of my body will dry them out. I had washed my walking clothes so they were even wetter! Such is life😳

This place has a great atmosphere, and a beautiful garden to relax in, and I’m off now to find something to eat. Just have to make sure I’m back for prayers and inside the walls by curfew. Just checked my health app and discovered I’ve climbed 43 floors today – I’m a little tired!

6 Replies to “Never Let Your Guard Down When You are in the Shower”

  1. Thx marg. That shower bit had me laughing out loud and your description was so real I swear I could see you in wet clothes Thx a bunch😂🏃‍♀️😘

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