What a Day

WARNING…. Do not read if easily offended by smutty humour…..

We had a rip roaring night last night after being starved of company for the last 3 days. We all wandered over to the restaurant again for dinner and had more magnificent culinary delights. The chef is very entertaining and his food equals that of the Daylesford Lakehouse! We had 3 or 4 courses, all the wine we could drink and heaps of liqueur again …. All for ten euros. I don’t know how he makes money! We sat around laughing and talking for ages and slept so soundly with full tummies and too much alcohol. 

Had a longer day today and it rained he whole time. We left in the dark with the intention of having breakfast about 9 kms on. When we reached the bar in that town, we were somewhat taken aback. It was a truck stop and aside from being full of truckers, the bar was full of road workers (obviously passing time having had to stop work because of the rain) and several army guys dressed in cammouflage. We staggered in, dripping wet in our ponchos, desperate for a warm coffee. The place almost went silent as we took off the ponchos and packs. We both walk in skins, and had just a long sleeved t shirt type of tops on. All eyes were on our bums and my big boobs. It was quite uncomfortable but too late to walk out, so we just ate and tried to ignore it. Lucky there was soccer on the TV and most of them turned their attention to that after a while. Guess it’s not something they see every day. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

It was head down and one foot in front of the other till we reached our albergue for the night. I was busting for a pee, as I was too intimidated to use the bathroom back in the truck stop, and it was too much effort to take the poncho and pack off . We walked through a few sad and deserted towns and we feel like we must be very close to the border of Galicia, seeing stone walls, stone houses and laneways lined with walnut trees and shrubbery.  It is cold and our albergue tonight is just a room of bunks in an annex attached to a sports hall. 4 euros plus a euro for a feather doona. I’m cosy, but in a top bunk.

While walking today, I noticed how Colleen blended in with the Autumn colours. Ahead of me, because I walk slowly, her hair appeared to be the same colour as the Autumn leaves, and her poncho is green. 

We walked in silence for most of the day as it was so miserable in the rain, and we had to watch our footing in the mud etc. but then the deleriousness set in and we turned into silly school children laughing with smutty jeuvenile humour. Whilst having a food break in the shelter of a church, we found in our notes that the next town was called ‘Entrepenas’. We looked at each other and began to giggle.

For some reason, this was hilarious, and the inuendos began to fly. We noticed the  tall erect bell tower on the church with its twin bells. Entrepenas was bigger than we thought. The water fountain was almost phallic. And as we left Entrepenas, we had to go through a lot of bush!

What a day!

3 Replies to “What a Day”

  1. Indeed, what a day. Pilgrim days are never dull; and giggling is a part of it. Girls, you are brave, and cautious: a good mixture. Love the photos.


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