Today Was Not a Fun Day!

Today was miserable!!!

It poured rain all day. There was a HUGE storm last night and today we trudged through mud, large puddles and slipped and slid through more mud. It was not fun! We only had a short way to go (15kms) but it was the longest walk I’ve ever done. 

There was no breakfast available where we stayed last night, so we snacked on chocolate chip biscuits and warm yoghurt from my pack. We took off in the hope that there would be something available somewhere, but of course, this is the Sanabrese, the road less travelled, so each town we reached was deserted and in crumbled ruins. Hope for a food stop diminished dismally.

I asked out loud for a Camino Angel to come and bouy us along and bring us hope, as we dripped and dragged our way along the trail, and all of a sudden, it was like the sky opened up with sunshine, as a church appeared in front of us offering shelter. Our Camino Angel appeared in the form of a shaggy little wet dog, wagging his tail and looking at me with soulful eyes. He was so cute. He sat with us while we ate and shivered by the church door and then trotted off in front of us down the road. He knew where the Camino went as it wound around the deserted town, and he led us all the way through and up the hill to the open road. Just as he appeared, I turned around to find him gone!  

We were too miserable and cold to take many photos today, and I could have passed the most amazing stuff but I will never know, as I had to watch my footing and choose every step with such caution. My boots are caked with mud and absolutely sodden.

And so it was, that we found our way to Puebla de Sanabria. It looks like a beautiful place and it seems there is even a castle here, but I don’t care right now.

The Parador was calling me with its promise of white embossed sheets, fluffy towels and a hot steaming shower. Yes, we relented, and we are now luxuriating in luxury. The statue at the beginning of town seemed to be pointing that way, so we obeyed and are now washed and dried, ready for a good nights sleep and another day on the trail. Good night all😌

2 Replies to “Today Was Not a Fun Day!”

  1. Hi Stotty- what a hard day! Tiring too concentrating on your careful footsteps! Loved yr previous blog about u two going troppo(Spainish style💃!) Don t worry about offending this old nurse- hard to make me blush! And relieved that at the end of your gruelling day you found such luxury! (I would ve found it hard to budge!!) ok- keep going, thanks again for sharing your journey and thankyou entrusted friend for carrying our precious talisman…. here s a BIG HUG 💛Xxm


  2. The promised land, and embossed sheets after the trials and tribulations of the muddy trail. Well done you two, and take care. I once covered a kilometre track of scary, slippery mud, and it took over an hour. I thought myself lucky to have escaped without any major damage. Yes, my pride wounded, I arrived in exceedingly messy clothes, and with a drenched backpack. Echoing your parador move, I booked myself into a hotel. PS Love the angelic mutt.


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