The Hills Are Alive 

It’s still raining but I’m used to it now and we had so much beauty around us as we climbed the mountain today. I have to say that the Sanabrese is absolutely breath taking, stunning and so beautiful.  The Autumn colours are just incredible, the smell of the pine needles and the fresh mountain air are exhilarating. 

We climbed quite high today and we find ourselves now up in the clouds. We left Puebla de Sanabria this morning and have now reached Padornelo. There are small clouds hovering over the valleys as if they have broken off and fallen out of the sky.

We went through tunnels and crossed very high bridges, and the rain kept coming down, but it was so enjoyable. 

We sheltered under the awnings of a shed to have a snack but shivered so much we decided to move on, then stopped at a bar for a coffee and a bit of a rest.i saw a black and yellow salamander and a stoat today too! We are obviously nearing the border as it feels and looks very Galician with the stonework and vegetation looking almost like O’Cebreiro.

Anyway, today’s adventure was just beautiful scenery. We are now in accommodation on top of the mountain, thawing out, drying out and resting. Today was a much better day!

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