Back in Santiago

Got the bus back to Santiago first thing in the morning because I needed to go and pick up some stuff that was being stored and the place was only open till 2. Branden and Shae came with me and we hung out a bit and had something to eat.

I met with a couple of other people that wanted to see me before I left and then we went out for dinner (hamburger with the lot and beautiful creamy ice cream)! I had to go to bed early, so I went back to my posh hotel, organised a taxi for 5.15am to get me to the airport, and they also arranged a picnic breakfast for me to take!  I posted a whole lot of stuff home too, as I am now living in normal clothes again and my pack was getting too heavy. I gave a bit of stuff to one if the beggars in the street too. I never want to see those trekking clothes again! Oh, and I went to mass again and watched the botafumeiro swing again. It is so moving!

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