Wow! Wow! Wow! How Lucky am I?

This morning I was cursing myself for my random ideas. Why the hell did I want to go to Perouges?! It is on the other side of France….what was I thinking?! I had to get up at 4.45am, so of course, I didn’t sleep well because I was worried I would sleep through the alarm. I ended up having a late night too, so it was a tough start to the day, but I did get to the airport ok. Flew from Santiago to Madrid and then Madrid to Lyon (France). That was the easy part. I then had to work out how to get to Perouges! Ended up catching a train to the city of Lyon, then just managed to catch the last train to Merimieux (end of the line). BUT whilst sitting on the train, I looked up at the guy opposite me and I could only see half his face! I HAD A MIGRAINE! I dont get the headaches, but i lose my vision, so I was doubly freaked out that I would miss my stop. I couldnt read where I was either. The zig zagging of my peripheral vision started and I felt sick.

Anyway, thankfully it only lasted about half an hour.Got off the train and had no idea where I was so I wandered uphill to a shop and was told that Perouges was another 3 kms away (on a winding road uphill). The girl looked at me with great pity as I had a backpack on and it was about 35 degrees with no shade in sight! No taxis around on a Saturday afternoon in the countryside. I learned that last time. So off I went. Finally staggered up to a drink stand outside the walls of this beautiful medievil city, red faced, sweating like a pig, and utterly exhausted! All of this took 9 hours!!!!

But, what a treat! It turns out that this weekend is their annual festival. All the towns folk are dressed in medievil costume and are re-enacting stuff. I had a go at archery, wandered through their market, ate some of their traditional galette ( a type of pancake made with eggs and buckwheat) looks like a pizza. I watched some jousting and listened to traditional instruments, and also watched the trained hawks. I ate some beautiful coffee ice cream and downed a couple of bottles of water, then finally the hotel owner appeared and let me in to my beautiful old room. I’ve just had a shower and I’m lying almost starkers on the bed trying to cool down. It is so hot today!


every type of sausage you can imagine



What an exciting day, and how lucky am I?! I recommend googling the town of Perouges photos, to truly get a look at what it is like. A real medievil fortified town. It is so beautiful. So worth the effort to get here! Off for dinner now…..

2 Replies to “Wow! Wow! Wow! How Lucky am I?”

  1. Wow, what an adventure. For goodness sake, rest up though. That migraine sounds awful. I get vertigo when really physically or emotionally stressed. I think your body just wants a rest! The village sure gave you a welcome though. Hope it cools down a bit for you. Love Ruth xxx


  2. Yes! Really wow Stotty!!! What a journey to Per.!!!! Felt so awful for u with your dreadful migraine!! How sad to be so sick and alone and not knowing how to get there!!!! BUT you did it!!! I reckon you can face/do anything now!!!!! (I used to get migraines and know what monsters they are) anyway what a destination you reached! Meant to be, all that struggle and look what was waiting!!!! So worth it!!! Absolutely LOVE your blog, LOVE your photos!!!! Would still like to see more of wonder Marg in them!!! Wish you well on the next leg of your amazing trip(scusi the leg pun!)how useful have your legs been!!!! Ha! Ha!!! Am going out now intothe blizzard to feed my beautiful four legged friends and walk my getting better at being a dog , Midnight… Lots of love and a big hug for you!!! My adventurous brave Stotty!!!! Xxxxm


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