ORISSONAPRIL 20,                                                                                     I sat on a stone 1/2 way up into the Pyranees and watched a snail slither past my foot, and I thought, ‘C’est moi! L’escargot’  that’s how I felt, and probably looked with my pack on my back, moving my temporary home,but I am here for the experience, not the race. Woken by the birds this morning and my new friend Kay came to my hotel to wave goodbye as she is having a days rest first. Camino hug and off I went. Everything is so green and the wild flowers are beautiful.  Walked for a while with some Canadians who just wanted me to keep talking so they could listen to my accent.      We were distracted for a while by a male donkey who ran off to his mate heehawing at the top of his voice and mounted her.When he had finished she peed and turned away as if to say ‘Have you finished yet? Heavy mist cleared quite quickly and dauntingly unveiled the huge task ahead. There were many times that I said out loud “what the hell are you doing? And what were you thinking? But I just took my time, stopping regularly, and so often, pinching myself to remind me to savour the moment. The mountains are huge, awesome, beautiful and so STEEP!  At times it was almost vertical. Yes Terri Clemens, I have climbed the mountain and it is just like in the photo I showed you.  Now sitting in the Albergue drinking beer with some Aussies and Texans. Looking forward to my first pilgrim dinner tonight.…just back from pilgrim communal dinner. Veggie soup, lamb shanks, pasta and some sort of almond pie. I was expecting crappy wine but it was actually really nice.  Having a ball even though I’m exhausted. Took 3 and a half hours to walk 8kms because it is almost vertical. I believe it will be the same tomorrow. The view makes it all worthwhile and I keep turning around to see how far I’ve come.  I’m up amongst the clouds! Just as I walked in the door, it began to hail and we had a massive thunderstorm. Great timing. My two Brazilian room mates were caught in it and really scared. They were completely on their own and couldn’t see anything for a while.   Scene from my room. To my family, I changed my mind! Decided to go over the mountains so I would not be left wondering if I could have done it! No turning back. No wifi here so this will have to wait.


 Words cannot describe the sensation of drinking a French cappuccino! When one drinks through a straw, one's mind expects cold, but this is hot coffee -that is freshly whipped cream on top!!! My mind and taste buds are very confused. It was strangely very yummy  though 

A day in Bordeaux

Such a beautiful place. People are so friendly, the streets are so clean and I was going to say that the air is so fresh but everyone smokes here! They even smoke in the restaurants and I had forgotten how awful that was. Oh, and the shopping is amazing!         

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