It’s So Frigging Hot!

Left Leon really early this morning because it supposed to be  hot today. By 9 o’clock, I was walking in the baking sun along another meseta path with very few trees in sight. I stopped to take a photo of a sparrow and rested here for a minute. Temperature drop of about 5 degrees in the shade. Such a momentary welcome relief!


I reached Mazariffe by 12, had a cold shower, and guzzled a huge amount of water. It’s so frigging hot! I hesitated because my body and feet feel so good, and there is more in my tank, but I know the heat would get me if I went on further, so I stopped. One hour later and the nicest Albergue in town is fully booked! I was lucky. 

The road was long and hard today, and it is said that the meseta sends people mad, but either I’m already mad or it hasn’t had an effect. It is truly beautiful and the spring flowers are amazing. Still hearing cuckoos and there are thousands of sparrows everywhere. I am walking alone again and spent the whole time talking to myself and watching the birds. Those that know me, know that is normal for me, but I do get strange looks. (My kids are rolling their eyes again at this thought). I have written a whole presentation in my head, just in case I am ever asked to give a talk. I spent a lot of time making up limericks today too, which I found very funny!  The time passes really quickly doing this. The scenery doesn’t change much at all. I am aware that I’m somewhere near where the Korean girl disappeared a few weeks ago, so I make sure that there is always someone else walking ahead or behind me. I miss my travel buddy very much and but is also really nice to travel at my own pace and have some thinking time.


Anyway, my Albergue is really nice. I’ve got the whole afternoon to fill in and I posted my book home. Without Gerard to talk to, I don’t know what I will do. The town is very small. Guess I’ll go for a wander and take some photos to fill in time.  


Post script: reading this back, it does sound a little mad, so I’m guessing that  I must be already there!

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