More Thoughts

I had a great day today just wandering around town. Leon is a wonderful city. I bought some stuff and posted it home. The postage cost more than the items but I can’t carry them. I have addressed the box to work Maree and Jo, so please just put it aside. My postie won’t leave things and as it is addressed to me, James probably wouldn’t be able to pick it up on my behalf.

I had lunch with Mary, my English friend, and then I walked some more, down to the Medievil wall and the park etc. Still bumping into people I know everywhere.. Tonight I caught up with a lovely Canadian couple. They were very interested in James and his tattoos and said they would go and see him when he goes to Vancouver! People are so kind and caring. It is now 10.30pm. I have just wandered through all the little lane ways that are buzzing with activity. I feel so safe. Is there any crime here at all? Bars and shops are open so late and there are people everywhere. The church bells ring constantly and I can actually hear a choir singing, as my window is wide open on a balmy night. View from my room ….sorry it’s crooked-had to lean across my stuff which is scattered all over the floor! Going to pack now and take off really early because tomorrow will be hot!


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