Over half way along the Camino and half way through my trip now. Feels like I’ve been away forever. For me, it has been more about the people I’ve met. The walking just gets in the way!!! I have never laughed so much as I have in the last few weeks. There is something here that cannot be described. People become instant friends, you can just be yourself. There is no judgement and everyone of us is in the same boat. Most people seem to be walking for emotional reasons like getting over a relationship, a death or illness. I am yet to understand why I am doing it, but I am loving every minute and I have never felt so alive. Where else can you walk down a street in a strange town and hear your name being called out, turn around and be greeted with a huge hug of genuine caring from people you have met only recently but feel like family or lifelong friends. Everyone looks out for one another and we worry when someone hasn’t been seen for a while. I said goodbye to the Texan girls tonight. I cried genuine tears and I know we will keep in touch and be great friends. They are such a hoot and I’m really going to miss them. So hard to say goodbye! Everything is so intense and real. 

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  1. I think this sort of experience is what Chris meant by being a traveller rather than just a tourist. The friendships are deep and formed quickly and, from what I have seen, last through the years which makes it all a very special experience. Enjoy. xxx

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