Where am I?

I have no idea where I am, but I’m in a room above a bar -sharing with Gerard my travel buddy again. So much cheaper to halve the cost. I’ve decided I like private rooms rather than bunk beds and fighting for showers. My laundry has just been taken away and will be delivered back in an hour or so, cleaned and dried. A small luxury but one I love. I’m watching the locals playing cards and dominoes 

   Today was hard. It was a long straight walk on a gravel path. Gerard walked on the bitumen road because it was easier to pull his cart! Scenery is much the same and I’m really buggered. Came across the Canadians I met on my first day, and two girls from Lightening Ridge.  Will probably reach Leon on Friday. 


view from my room last night


so. many crosses for people that have died
discarded boots-acommon site
I have now been on the trail for nearly 3weeks and regular life seems so far away. Time and date does not exist here. The Spaniards have a three hour siesta and then the towns come to life again, the streets are filled with children who play until 10 o’clock at night, and the cafés and bars come alive. Such a different and interesting way to live. They don’t have much of a work ethic. Yesterday I watched a council worker come and punch a square hole  about 3feet square into the verandah roof of an old  shop. It took him about 10 minutes and then he left. About half an hour later, another guy came along and picked up the mess. It took about 20 trips to his truck coz he had a tiny bucket. Then he left. About half an hour after that, another guy came and took away the barricades! Now there is a pointless hole in the roof!! 

My feet are aching so much right now, and I am missing my family and friends. I have met some really lovely people and they have  become my family for now, but I can’t wait to see little Rhiannon and Ashleigh again. How the hell am I going to fit back into my life at home?!

2 Replies to “Where am I?”

  1. Really enjoying your posts Marg! Hard to believe you have been walking for 3 weeks now. Sounds like you are a bit home sick. Keep enjoying 🙂


  2. What a life change for you Marg! You will find it very difficult on your return home. Love reading your posts. Keep going!! xx


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