Half Way

 Discovered today that Pastor Bob’s surname is actually BLESSING!  How appropriate! He chatted a lot over the past two days about his time in Iraq, and how it has affected his life and his family. Pretty stressed! I wish I’d realized just how bad things were before Gerard and I jumped out from behind a wall and surprised him!!!! It could have been quite disastrous but we laughed and it diffused things quite quickly. Left him thinking a lot though coz he mentioned it a few times later and he was processing his reactions. He told me that his few days with us had helped him, which was nice. He calls me “the Drifter” coz nothing much seems to worry me and he finds that calming. I think Gerard and I have made him laugh a lot. Who would have thought I would enjoy the company of a religious minister so much!?

Took this picture of Pastor Bob in his famous fold up chair today.

Don’t really have much to say about today though. Just more of the same scenery…it is the meseta. Gerard loves food, so he is good to hang out with and he knows what to order etc. we went to a little shop today and he bought all this yummy stuff. We have just eaten more tapas, drunk more wine and beer, and finished it off with chocolate and churros. I’m stuffed. 

tapas, wine and. apple and jamon-yum
old character sitting next to us
view from my room tonight
There is a big soccer game on and as I am staying in the town square above a bar, there are a lot of men sitting out there drinking and watching the game. My balcony door is open. It is a beautiful night and I hear the sound of children kicking the ball in the square, the water fountain gushing, and men screaming in chorus at the TV screens in all the bars when someone misses a goal (or gets one).  It echoes!  Loving every minute of this experience…..

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