It’s Good to Laugh

At last it is raining in Santiago. I began my day slowly I spent the morning in the laundromat again but this time with no lovely old pilgrim to entertain me. Instead, I spent the whole time falling about laughing as Gonzalo and I fired off Spanish insults to each other on our phones.This was prompted by a post I did this morning about the time Colleen and I were trying to learn some Spanish in a bar somewhere on the Via de la Plata. We had climbed a big hill and were pretty thirsty as we sat under a grapevine covered verandah, so with a wine or two on board, we began to practice some insults (just in case we needed them at some stage). As we rolled about laughing, the old man next to us who had been trying not to listen, couldn’t help himself and cracked up laughing with us.

Well, this was me again today except I was sitting there alone and hysterically laughing at our very childish humour. How time flies when you are having fun!

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