More Chance Meetings

I never tire of meeting other pilgrims. I discovered Kellie Briggs, a FB friend from Rutherglen, is staying across the road from me and we had a lovely chin wag this arvo. We were chatting so much that I forgot to take a photo, but it was wonderful to have such a relaxed afternoon. Kellie has just walked the Camino Frances and it was interesting to hear of her adventures.

I am ready now to catch the train in the morning and I plan to start walking again in a day or two. I needed water, so I trotted off in the cold evening air to find some, and heard an exclamation of ‘Maggie!!!!’ Coming from the shadows.

Turned around and bumped into Linda and Ted from Sydney, who I met at the Camino Festival earlier this year. They had just walked the Oviedo Camino followed by the Ingles Camino, so we wandered around to the side of the cathedral to have a long chat and a drink. What a wonderful surprise. Again, I forgot to take a photo.

It always amazes me how I can bump into so many people I know, when the town is heaving with so many other pilgrims! I wake every morning wondering who I will meet and I’m never disappointed….there is always someone interesting.

I’ve had another great day

3 Replies to “More Chance Meetings”

    1. Yes Ruth. It’s hard not to be when you are so removed from day to day life, as youvwell know. It has become my second home. I so love Galicia. Time for a cousin catch up when I get back. It’s been ages!

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