Can’t be Exciting Every Day….

Today was spent housekeeping. Not literally but mindfully. I changed to a cheaper place to base myself, did some washing and rearranged my bag (yet again). you would think I’d be more organized by now but this is ME we are talking about. I need some military precision people in my life to control these things. I seem to surround myself with tidy people but it doesn’t rub off on me. I watched Gonzalo yesterday as he lay the sleeping bag on the floor and proceed to fold and roll it like it was a Masterchef type of pastry or croissant that he was about to bake. There was such gentle pride in what he was doing. Then, I looked at my would-be culinary abortion (if we were talking about food) and just sighed. I bet you are the same, Simon! Is it too late for me to join the navy?

These are the weird things I think about when I’m idle.

It’s time to get walking again. I’ve been sitting in the laundromat mindlessly watching my ‘smalls’ doing gymnastics in the washing machine. The 83 year old man sitting beside me is also sharing the dubious pleasure. We started to chat and I found out he had just walked from St Jean and still had a spring in his step. His eyes sparkled as he told me he has always been a marathon runner. He looked so fit and 15 years younger than his age.

He has reluctantly become a Camino legend on this walk and his daughter was so proud of him. What a beautiful man. Their washing done, we said good bye and I was left once again, to watch my undies swimming helplessly amongst the soap suds😳

Whilst sitting here, I’ve just noticed the highly professional wiring situation at the door of the laundromat. I’m nervous about touching the wet handle of the washing machine now 😱

Today has allowed me to wander around and then sit quietly and plan my next week or so. I sat in a garden cafe with a cafe con leche, shared my cake with the sparrows and considered my options. I need to move again. My body wants to walk.

I absolutely love the simple pilgrim life and I long to get back into the mountain forests and listen to the birds.

I’ve booked a train up north on Sunday and I’ve planned to walk part of another Camino. It doesn’t matter how far I get or where I start, so I’m just going to begin and end wherever the Camino takes me. I love uncertainty. It is an adventure.

I have a lunch date with Rui and Gonzalo on the 17th so I must be back for that but in the meantime, I’m having a drink with Kellie Briggs tomorrow, a Camiga (friend) from home, and I will also be meeting up again with barefoot walker Sue Regan-Kenney at some stage. In amongst that, I’m also hoping to catch Tony Jacques from the Blue Mountains.

Santiago is such a happy place to be. Tonight I met some Aussie girls and sat with them a bit. Nice to chat with people from home.

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