Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

The fog lifted this morning, both in my head and also from Muxia. Phyllis and Dot went to watch the sunrise. I slept in- still tired after the migraine.

The bus trip back to Santiago went without incident this time and we spent the day wandering the laneways, eating and drinking.

Dot left for the airport at 4 o’clock and we all said our teary farewell. She has been an absolute delight on this trip and her funny one-liners will be missed greatly. Keep walking, keep sky diving and keep laughing Dot. What a beautiful, dynamic and inspiring human being you are 😢

Here are a couple of photos from last night too..

It has been difficult to blog this trip and I have only written snippets. We were either too busy walking, laughing, eating, drinking or sleeping! It has been hard to get decent wifi as well. We have had a great time and what an eclectic bunch we were. My face is aching from laughing so much and I will miss everyone enormously. Tonight we are down to 5 and tomorrow down to just Phyllis and me. By Tuesday, I’ll be on my own again.

Camino bonds are so strong and It’s always hard to say goodbye.

3 Replies to “Saying Goodbye is Never Easy”

  1. Thankyou for sharing another great adventure Camino Girl! Xxxxxxxxx Here s to you Stotty! 😘🤗🌟👍🏻🎒🌞🥂🍷🌅


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