Expect the Unexpected

Every morning I wake and wonder what the day has in store for me. It is always the unexpected.

Today I said goodbye to the last of my group as Gonzalo drove her off into the early morning light towards the train station for her trip to Madrid. I feel sad to have said my last goodbye and Phyllis has provided the most wonderful fun on this pilgrimage. She is a comedian and everything that she says has had us doubled over with laughter.

I’ve now been in Santiago for about three days (dont count them and don’t even know what day it is today).

Suzi Q, a friend from home, arrived here today and I’ll be having dinner with her tonight so I’m looking forward to that.

I need to go back to yesterday. So much has been happening. Phyllis shouted me a foot massage as a thank you present and I got talking to the lady who owned the business. She asked me if I wanted work and then asked if I want to buy her business. I listened to all she had to say, but in my mind, I thought “tell her she is dreaming” (Aussie joke). I left the shop and after arranging to have a drink with a friend, I got a phone call from her asking me to come back and do a full body massage ‘right now’ . I said I could do it later but she got shitty with me and I haven’t heard from her since. Weird woman. She was going to pay me peanuts anyway. After discussing it over the phone with an Aussie friend last night, and listening to his sage advice about ‘you never know where it could lead’ , I momentarily considered it but then decided, NO!

Anyway, this is going all over the place. I need to also go back further.

And then there were 4.

We wandered around town quite a bit, had dinner together and enjoyed the music in the streets of Santiago on our last night together. Such a vibrant town with a heightened energy of happy pilgrims. Some look so exhausted and depleted but most are smiling, singing and laughing. The streets come alive at night time and I feel so safe here. It’s quite ok to wander alone. … that is until you come across weird things like this! They call themselves ‘the family’

I find it very strange that the night sky here stays blue and doesn’t go black as it does at home. These are natural photos taken late at night!

And ending the day like this was fun too ( a glimpse of what we girls get up to when you men are not around)😳😳🤔

Looks like we had too much to drink but we were just having fun…

So now I am on my own and when I got up this morning I had no idea what was in store…. I rearranged my bags and washed some clothes. I went out for coffee and topped up my phone after yesterday’s debarkle when I found myself with no credit left and no way to ring the bank in Australia because the ATM ate my card and there was no way to retrieve it. I spent most of yesterday trying to speak to someone who could understand me and help. Where was Gonzalo when I needed him? Swanning around Galicia showing people beautiful beaches and waterfalls! It was lucky fir him he wasn’t around at the time, but it is all sorted now and I off-loaded my frustration to him last night so I feel better. He probably doesn’t but I do! Poor bugger…I fear it scared him somewhat and he was tired. I feel bad.

Long blog eh?

Well, whilst sitting having a coffee this morning, I had a message from someone inviting me to join them somewhere for a celebration. I can’t say more in case a certain someone sees this, so watch this space, I’m off travelling again next week. what’s happening next? You will have to wait and see…

In the meantime, Gonzalo and I are off to visit Susi Stephenson at Casa Susi tomorrow. We will stay the night and have some fun with Susi and Fermin. (Driving not walking) SO looking forward to this little adventure too

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