Quick Update Before Dinner

Yes, I had a migraine today. I’m lucky though because they don’t knock me flat. I lose my vision for half an hour or so and I’m just left with a foggy sort of headache. Seems that I am not alone, as Muxia today is wrapped in a heavy blanket of fog as well! We can barely see in front of us.

We had a quick lunch and walked out to the church that sits on the ocean side of Muxia, climbed up to the cross on the top of the hill and then wandered along to the Celtic ruins (remains if a Celtic village).

I knew Katy would love it there and pick up on the ancient energy. We meditated for quite a while and I had another thin spaces type of experience. It was so intense that I do t feel I can write about it.

off to dinner, will have an early night and then back to Santiago tomorrow morning for our last day together 😢

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