Finisterre to Muxia

“The WiFi it’s just like spanish people….. some times works right away…. other times goes very slow and have to wait long time…. and other times it doesn’t work at all”

Gonzalo posted this on my page the other day…so true!!

I just haven’t bothered writing blogs this time because the signal has been too weak. A pity, because I would love to have told you all about our hilarious adventures as a group on the Coastal Portugues Camino. It has been so beautiful and perhaps the easiest camino I’ve done so far. One of my ladies is actually a comedian, so our face and stomach muscles are absolutely aching from laughter! What a great bunch of sisters we have become and having Katy along as well was such a bonus. Her beautiful, kind husband has looked after us all and his presence has added just that little bit of grounding that we all needed. He is indeed, a brave man to walk with 7 women…. or should I say, lucky man?! His sense of humour has at times had me falling about laughing as well. So many memories to take home and we are all now lifelong friends.

We moved on to Finisterre and had a fantastic time there just unwinding from the trip and relaxing. I unexpectedly bumped into Suzi Q in the supermarket…a friend from home.

went on the sunset boat cruise, which included wine, beer and food-all of dubious content so there may be some tipsy fish floating around in the ocean near the lighthouse!!

Today we moved on to Muxia. The bus was full and we had to sit at the back. Our driver swerved and braked his way through the hills and we all went green because ALL of us suffer from motion sickness. 5 kms from Muxia, the bus made an unscheduled stop to let a young girl off to spew. She chose to walk the rest of the way. We just made it and we’re so relieved to reach the harbour.

My group is off exploring now after a cafe con leche and I’m lying on the bed recovering from a migraine. There are bands playing in the street and I believe there is a bit of a festival tonight. Should be fun

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  1. Hello Margaret I follow your blog and I’m enjoying it but I was dissatisfied when you made a statement comparing the wifi system in the region with Spanish people. Just for you to reflect upon.



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