My Feet Hurt

Caldas de Reis to Padron

I’m so behind and haven’t felt like blogging on this Camino. This day was quite a long walk with my ankle still not right, and I still want to amputate my little toe. I hate the thing. It always gives me grief but this time is worse.

The walk was quite beautiful though and I ambled through forests and over small creeks, and at one stage, followed a raging river.

I came across a Portuguese couple walking hand in hand and their little beagle who was trotting around their feet. He was pure happiness as he ran ahead and then came bounding back with his tail wagging so hard with excitement. They all had matching coats (it was raining) what a cutie!

Ended the day in Padron staying in a really nice albergue. I had a bottom bunk bed and we all had lockers with phone plugs inside so we could leave our phones charging safely. I love the bunks that have curtains. Just ads more privacy.

I have not had my sleeping bag out once on this Camino. All the accommodation has provided fresh sheets and pillow cases, along with nice clean blankets. It is cold at night so I’ve been sleeping in my thermals.

Padron is a nice town but I’m looking forward to getting to Santiago and getting rid of my shoes!

8 Replies to “My Feet Hurt”

  1. Oh, Marg, I do feel for you with those shoes and a very sore toe. I hope a miracle comes your way and it improves greatly.


  2. Margaret as I once heard ” The Heart was talking to the complaining feet. If I stop it said, we all stop” Padron was were we met and chatted to John Brierly. That was great and you do need to climb the 1000 step to the place where St James preached….

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  3. Margaret,so enjoying your posts and pics, you’re very talented and I look forward to each one. I’m visualising you getting a foot reflexology treatment from a practitioner, and of course soft comfortable footwear which accommodates your littlest toe! Photos are great, thanks for sharing! 🙏Julie

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  4. Thx once again Margaret for your descriptive journaling. Pics are adding more to your story
    Hope your little toe eases up
    Happy trails. Carol🇨🇦😘🏃🏻‍♀️

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    1. I hope your ankle and little toe recover soon. I like the sound of the raging river and also the sound of the albergues with sheets and pillow cases. Buen Camino


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