Am I just relaxed these days or am I in denial?!

I’m starting to panic with this thought as I’m usually so over organized. I leave on Sunday and I’m looking at my pack propped up in the corner waiting for me to sling it over my shoulders and get going. It’s packed and it’s the only thing that is ready. It looks half empty and I’m wondering why. I have a new addition this year. Whilst working in the Blue Mountains, I met a wonderful Argentinian couple who gave me a ribbon to put on my pack. It is attached and it is coming with me as it was such a loving gesture. (Thank you Eze and Ailin.)

Hopefully I have it all down to a fine art now 😳I have so much to do between now and Sunday!

It seems I’m going to walk the Portugues but I haven’t organized anything except my flights. For some reason, the universe has kept me so busy that I haven’t had time to think about it. I’m lying in bed pondering on how I need to get up and go for a big walk. I woke early and I’ve been frantically trawling through Camino pages, blogs, vlogs and photos.

This camino is going to be very different!

3 Replies to “Am I just relaxed these days or am I in denial?!”

  1. Your pack is half empty? How is that possible Maggie… I’ve walked 2 Camino’s with you and it’s never half empty 😁😁😁 I bet you’re relaxed because you know it’s all going to be just fine! Buen Camino pilgrim… See you sometime soon 😎😎😎


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