Just adding to my Diary

I spent a fabulous 3 days in Santiago and it still wasn’t enough. I love that place so much with its little laneways and tapas bars, but mostly love the energy of the town. It is a happy place. I really enjoy walking around at night and it feels so safe. 

This time I was lucky enough to be there at the same time as Andrew Suzuki. We went to the Friday night mass and he ‘worked’, filming and taking photos of the Botofumeiro etc. and then we had dinner. Conversation was mostly about travel of course. This is what brings us all together on the Camino, isn’t it? 

I was left humbled, admiring this beautiful man so much more. We all know his quirky side but underneath, he is very deep, searching like we all are.  He has taken a huge leap of faith in life and is doing what he is passionate about. His little documentaries give us pilgrims so much pleasure and what I admired most was that he has genuine appreciation for the support that people have given. He is off for new adventure after this, leaving the Camino behind and searching for more of life. Can’t wait to see what’s next. 

And so, I slept through my alarm the next morning because of a very late night. I sat up chatting to other pilgrims in the monastery albergue when I got back. I woke to find I should already be at the airport, so no shower and no breakfast but flying downstairs to get a taxi. I got there just in time. It took most of the day to get to Paris as I had to go via Barcelona. I had to wait an hour for my transfer ride and eventually got to the flat in Montmatre by 4.

Gerard (from San Francisco)and Anne (a true Parisienne)  both of whom I met on the Camino Frances last year were waiting in a bar nearby -so exciting…. Just like we last saw each other yesterday.

Paris has been a bit of a whirlwind of sightseeing, food, wine, walking and laughing. So good to be in the warmth of deep friendship-the kind of bond only forged on the Camino.

I’m sitting on a train now with Gerard, on our way to Caen, looking longingly out the window wishing I was walking through those forests, but  I am feeling so much gratitude for everything. I am so lucky to be living the dream, travelling and sharing such wonderful experiences and meeting fabulous people from all over the world. At the same time, I feel almost guilty for this as New Zealand is being ravaged and raped by earthquakes. How scary. How sad. It is such a beautiful place.

One Reply to “Just adding to my Diary”

  1. The Camino has given me the desire to just walk always. I’ve been back just a couple of weeks now and I long to be walking up mountains and down, through forests and hamlets, talking to people, cats and dogs, and most often ; myself. I’ve always loved walking and have walked all over the UK. I had planned on just doing one route and thought of a 2nd…but now, now I want to do them all. I found serenity. Thanks for sharing your story. Cindy


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