Why Worry

I’ve just listened to a podcast interview between my Camino friends Dan Mullins and Kurt Koontz. (I’m going to put the link below and recommend that you listen.) I read Kurt’s book when he first published it (One Million Steps). It still remains one of my favourites and have had several fantastic conversations with him since then. In fact, he wrote a little piece in the beginning of my book.

As I listened to this interview, I nodded my head all the way through. He so eloquently said what I tried to convey in my book. He has such a great philosophy on life and I really hope you all listen to what he says.

Like Kurt, my life changed drastically. We both left the workforce realizing that it was not worth the stress. We walked a Camino, and that led to many wonderful opportunities and experiences. We both felt the need to write a book to express what we had been through, we became public speakers, and travelled afar. We both hang out in Ashram’s, we meditate, we are positive in outlook and we LIVE life. Nothing is heavily planned.

Some people close to me are feeling anxious about my lack of planning for this next trip. I am not worried, and my only plan is to leave things up to the universe and let stuff unfold. This to me is so exciting! So, please don’t worry. Whatever evolves is fine with me. I’m open to new experiences and I will post regularly so you know I’m ok. Thank you for your concern and kind thoughts but if I’m not worried, you don’t have to worry for me.

By the way, I just realised I leave Monday and not on Sunday! So there you go! See how not stressed I am? Bonus…I have an extra day to pack my bag!



Go to the purple podcast app on your phone, look up My Camino the Podcast- episode 65 Kurt Koontz.

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