Stepping into history again

I’ve now reached the stage where my feet have toughened up, I walk up hills without realizing they are hills, and my bum cheeks are rock hard. I mostly forget that I have a pack on my back and the Camino stench has permeated my clothes. Every night I wash my socks and laugh at the colour of the water. I have a tanned face and arms, and I guess I probably look healthier, although my body is not enjoying the Spanish diet.

This Camino is so much harder, mainly because of the extreme heat and the rock hard, baked dry path we walk on. It is like road walking and so hot underfoot. Unlike the Camino Frances, there is nothing in between towns-no cafes, no toilets, no trestle tables with food left by local farmers, and more often than not, no shade. I’m fascinated that there are no public toilets near the parks and playgrounds! 

One has to carry 2 litres of water (2extra kilos) and food for the day as there are no stops. Sometimes, like yesterday, we couldn’t even find a rock to sit on for a rest. I’m afraid if I sit on the grass, I will never get up!

Today we are resting in Caceres. I had never even heard of this place and it is so stunning that all I can say is WOW! It is a mixture of gothic and Renaissance architecture, cobbled medieval streets, encircled by 12thcentury Moorish walls.

The old town within these walls is gob-smacking!!! It was founded by the Romans in 25BC and is a UNESCO site. Every corner you turn produces another WOW moment and takes your breath away.  We wandered through the tiny alleyways, museums and churches. I happened upon a busker who unintentionally provided a soundtrack to my little video…​


There are several churches too…

And an ancient underground water system

Another busker and more wandering so us hungry and tired so we sat for lunch in the Plaza Mayor and people-watched for a while.

egg,chips, ham and beer

Stopped at the supermarket to get supplies for tomorrow and caught a glimpse of what’s in store! More long dry flat plains and heat! Yay!

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  1. The photos take my breath away!! you are seeing beautiful places and i almost feel as though I am there. Thank you!!


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