So Frigging Hot Again

What a great experience we had last night at the monastery. After mass, we had a communal dinner in a dining room in the bowels of the building. We ate the same meal the monks had and I can report that they certainly don’t go hungry. I was stuffed to the gills!

We had noodle soup, seafood paella, garlic chicken and potatoes, pork, bread,Pepsi and water, and banana for dessert. I sat next to two Italians (Antonio and Fabio) -such classic names- and enjoyed the conversation. Antonio is studying wine, so he has been sampling the local wines along the way. He knew about Australian wine and hopes to go to the Mornington Peninsula some time!

Today started early again and it was both interesting, and long and tedious. Another lovely sunrise greeted us and we walked among cows and sheep.

We walked over a Roman bridge and I wondered how many soldiers and pilgrims had marched and walked over the rough stony path

It is so dry and I’m glad I don’t suffer hay fever

random runway in the middle if nowhere

Bruce and Molly came out again to protect us and we finally reached our destination with parched throats and throbbing feet. 
Salvador Dali is still entertaining us-came flying into the bar just as thirsty and hot. Always happy!

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