Highway to Hell and the Road Less Travelled

I had a funny experience last night after dinner. We were so stuffed with delicious food (smoked salmon and cream cheese tostada and berry panacotta) washed down with beer and red wine. We walked up a tiny street to find ourselves amongst the most wonderful shops. I needed more foot tape so we went into a chemist and whilst trying to make myself understood, I noticed some Australian style licorice on the counter. The chemist got excited to hear I was Australian and ?her son came out from the back shouting out about Sydney and ACDC!!!! So proud that he knew something about Australua. Colleen started to sing Highway to Hell, not really knowing who the band was but taking a good guess so she could join in, and he began to play air guitar with mucho gusto, doing the Angus Young thing around the shop, and I just about wet myself laughing. Apparently they played at Seville last year and he went to see them. He was very animated and it was quite a moment. Everyone in the shop was laughing at us. I didn’t get a photo!

So, after a fabulous stay in Caceres, we looked ahead and found we were facing a couple of enormous days in terms of distance to cover. We mapped out where we needed to go and made an executive decision to take the bus for a little bit of the way today as the thought of nearly 38kms was just too much. The albergue on the way has apparently closed down so there is nowhere to stay. 
 We are now in a tiny municipal albergue with 12 beds. We are sitting outside the bar under the trees and grape vines, having just devoured a delicious bocadillo filled with strong smelly cheese. 

Salvador Dali and his friend have just arrived after walking that huge distance and they look exhausted. Think we made the right decision!

We are not in a village so there is little to do here this afternoon except sit around and chat to the other pilgrims as they arrive. The Korean girls have joined us and Sun has accepted that her Camino is over, and she will go home now and she is very sad. 

Colleen and I wandered up the road and around the back of the houses. It is a beautiful area and we found a tiny park by the river with sporting equipment​

​The sky is so blue and I almost feel like I’m in Greece . This little albergue is nestled amongst some shady walnut trees, there are grape vines clutching to the awnings and rough stone walls. It is really beautiful and we are glad to be up in the hills and off the long hot seemingly endless plains. 

Resting now to get ready for some mountain climbing over the next few days!

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