Eat My Dust 

Last night we stayed at Villafranca de Los Barros with just about everyone we have been walking with. We wandered into town and had the worst meal ever at a restaurant recommended by the hospitalero (must have been a relative). The poor waitress seemed to be tending the bar, serving in the restaurant and cooking the meals all on her own, so service was non existent. Had a laugh though! We were joined by Lars from Denmark and Brendan who was Scottish but has lived in Australia for years. Brendon was hilarious and just sat there telling funny yarns all night. My face was aching from laughter. 
Our room was really hot so we left the window open and I hardly slept at all because we were right near the church and the bells rang every half an hour all through the night. I sleep anywhere, anytime but last night was just awful. We got up quite early and I’ve literally been dragging my feet today because I am so tired. 

My favourite part of the day is watching the sunrise. Every morning we start with a spring in our step and hurry out into the countryside to catch the sun’s first rays. It casts such a beautiful golden glow over everything. This morning did not disappoint as we ambled along the gravel road and watched the sun paint the grape vines. It was absolutely stunning. 

The farmers were all out harvesting the grapes in the dewy morning air and tractors towing big trailors overflowing with their bounty trundled along the road leaving us gasping in clouds of dust. My shoes are filthy and my lungs and eyes are filled with Spanish dirt. However, it was fun and they yelled out ‘Buen Camino’ to us when we passed. We stopped for a while and watched them pick the grapes, put them into baskets which they then carried on their heads to the tractor. 

Absolutely beautiful morning walk today but we did miss a turn off and added a few extra kilometres, so my already sore feet are screaming at me now. Bruce the brolly came out again and I am so grateful for his protective and comforting shade. It is very hot by about 11 o’clock so the last hour or two is always quite a struggle, but I am coping ok. 

We kept each other laughing today by quoting lines from Monty Python movies….it is amazing to see what rubbish bubbles up from inside when you have nothing to worry about. The long hot road with no end in sight made us a little crazy again today as we clip clopped our way along riding our poles as we didn’t have coconut shells like in the movie. There are so many classic lines in those movies! ​

​We are now in a great albergue that provides dinner and breakfast. The bar is open all day, we’ve done our washing and I’m off downstairs for a drink.

 We hit Meride tomorrow-a town full of Roman ruins and I think, Roman baths! Yippee 

prickly pear
This is the sign for the Roman route (showing the okd roman bridge and our path
modern sign

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  1. I understand completely your sunrise perspective. We thought sunrise on the Frances, last year, was a daily highlight!


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