I Have a Spring In my Step

I felt like a kid again this morning when I got to the kitchen for breakfast. Instead of finding our usual spread on the table, there were neat little individual packages with our names on them! We had bread, coffee powder, yoghurt, banana and two little cakes. What a treat! We cooked toast and put the rest into our packs for morning tea. Bonus!

We started off really early and watched for another spectacular sunrise. I really feel like I’m in Australia. 

Again, we were not disappointed. My photos are true colours and I have not photoshopped them at all.  

The scenery has changed again, and although we went through more vineyards, we were comforted by a small amount of greenery and long grass today. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see colour. 

Another bonus today was that the soil underfoot was softer and even though we had a bit of roadside walking, we soon found ourselves walking over what felt like a rubbery mat.  My feet loved it! The walk today was so much easier because of it and I was so glad that the hard baked path was behind us. Who knows what’s up ahead though.

Bruce and Molly (our umbrellas) come out to play at about 10.30 as the sun begins to wrap it’s hot and heavy shawl over us. I don’t know how I would have coped without. 

We arrived at Merida at about 11.30.  It was originally settled in 25BC and boasts the longest Roman bridge in the world. It is nestled alongside a beautiful river and after finding our accommodation, we trotted into town to have a look. The bridge is almost a kilometre long!

Anyway, we are off to dinner now and we plan to stay here for a day’s rest. There is so much to see…. Like Dianna’s Temple. We happened upon this by accident on our wandering today. How amazing to turn a corner and be confronted by such well preserved history. I can’t wait for tomorrow !

5 Replies to “I Have a Spring In my Step”

  1. Wow! Another fantastic glimpse into your fanastic advenure! How amzing to see and feel and touch that history! The Romans were incredible! All so long ago! And you are there! Once again living your dream! So glad the ground is kinder to your poor enduring feet! Yr hotos are fab! I know where James gets his artistry from! Love, meg xxxx


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