Just sharing photos today – not much to say. 

Well it seems I will lose a toenail soon. It’s pretty painful so I’m taking it easy. We are now in Villafrancca de los Barros. 

Had a hamburger for lunch and it was so tasty. The meat here is beautiful. Last night we ordered blindly from the menu and Colleen ended up with fried goats cheese and crackers.  I have no idea what I ate but it was scrambled eggs with black worms?

We could have ordered from the shisha menu

They love their ham here..

This was breakfast…

Poor man was working up a real sweat because it was peak hour and there was about 6 people in his cafe! Pressure was on. Spanish people just don’t move very fast. 

Here are a few photos from my wanderings 

filthy shoes!

One Reply to “Just sharing photos today – not much to say. ”

  1. Some days you just want the pictures to tell the story……hope your toe is ok. Ouch !!!
    Remember what our Mums used to say
    “It’s not a race”
    Look after those tootsies
    Thinking of you


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