Here Comes the Sun and Zafra

Sitting in the Parador (luxury hotel) in Zafra sipping on a smooth and tasty vino Tinto from the Rioja district. I’m surrounded by ancient marble pillars and opulence. Why you ask? Why not is my answer! It is a really old castle and it has a pool, a bar and starched sheets. 

This town is beautiful. We are a little tired so we have only  explored our immediate surrounds.  We started out early this morning after leaving our paradise of an albergue (also with a pool, but it was icy cold-good to soak feet though) we are in a wave of about 20 people of all nationalities. Salvador Dali and his friend are from Bordeaux, near where Colleen lives. As we sat at dinner and also walked together on the track, I found it quite easy to understand the conversation. It will be good practice for when I get to France!

Today’s sunrise was spectacular again and I found myself singing Here Comes The Sun as it rose it’s ugly head over the horizon and I mentally prepared myself for its onslaught. 

. It came up quite quickly and its fierce heat affected us after a while, so we opted for a taxi from a town not far from our destination. I’m not ashamed of this. I’m still walking most of the way and this Camino is much tougher than I anticipated. You all know how I wilt in the heat, and the path is baked dry and hard so it is really hot underfoot. My Feet hurt so much

You meet some interesting people on the track! just out exercising his dogs! He thought we were crazy ! It was another hard slog today, so this luxurious treat of fluffy towels and real shampoo is wonderful. 

the first sunset light we have seen

Went for a wander around town. 

We also went to the museum and got a stamp in our passport.

3 Replies to “Here Comes the Sun and Zafra”

  1. Have very firm intentions of trying out a few Paradors. One can be forgiven for wanting to observe/experience the history of these buildings/castles…and the like. The mere opulence…in comparison to humble pilgrim digs… is of secondary importance 🤓


  2. Another great blog Stotty! I so love to be included, sharing your Camino in spirit…. I love how u write! Catching a cab is no cop out!! Makes so much sense to me, why wreck your feet unecessarily? Save them and yr strength for better trekking!! That sun sounds unforgiving! I m a wilter too so don t know how you are holding up in it let alone powering on! Okay, on our way to Melbourne again… Love u my adventurous friend, xxxxxm😘


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