The Hot Shoe Shuffle

Oh my goodness, what a day!  Walked 22 kms. The first half was beautiful and we walked amongst more pigs and cows, we watched the sun rise and observed the beauty of the sun’s rays painting the dry grassy plains gold. The scenery was stunning. 
Colleen is terrified of big animals and we came across a pig that seemed to have escaped and was on the side of the road. We noted that it was a male and we didn’t like the nasty glint in his eye as he stared at us. He ran away as we approached and we yelled out to the farmer that his pig had escaped but he didn’t seem to care. A horse in the next paddock came over to the fence and nuzzled the pig’s nose as if to comfort him. It was beautiful to see the pig calm down and let us pass by. 

The first part of our walk today was gorgeous and we saw and heard a lot of pigs and cows. It really was beautiful and Colleen commented on how English it looked and that she felt like she was in Dartmoor. 

However, it changed so quickly and soon I felt as though I had stepped into an Australian painting! The land was so dry! It was quite hilly again, although not steep-more like a long slow climb. But what goes up has to come down and I was soon employing the Camino shuffle. 

For those that don’t know, it is the best way to go downhill. Remember Cliff Young, the guy who ran from Sydney to Melbourne in gumboots? It’s like that. Tiny fast steps downhill so it doesn’t hurt your knees. 

Hence the Hot Shoe Shuffle reference. The heat is relentless and there were no trees in sight. It is like the Meseta on the Camino Frances. The quickest and easiest way to do it. It is like crossing a desert! Of course, Molly and Bruce came out again and I patted myself on the back for purchasing such a wonderful piece of equipment! The temperature drop underneath the umbrella is so noticeable. I really don’t think I could have done it today without Bruce!

This countryside is harsh, hot and very unforgiving

We did find a tree or two eventually and took off our boots to air our stinky sweaty feet, but it was a really long slog today!

The town seemed to pick itself up and move away each time I put my head down!  It teased us by looming in the distance but the last 5 kms is always the longest and we were all a complete mess by the time we got here. 

Our albergue is enormous and it has a beautiful garden and swimming pool! Feet and legs are aching but we saw today that we only have a ‘Camino Frances’ to go now!

4 Replies to “The Hot Shoe Shuffle”

  1. I’ve read somewhere else the VdlP described as the Meseta on steroids! You’re certainly backing up that description! Have also taken note that I need to buy a couple of Bruce’s. I think that would be a wise move.


  2. My feet felt tired after gym today but they are feeling much better after reading about all yours are going through! The albergue looks wonderful. I’d be tempted to stay awhile ….


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