Pride and Prejudice

Well, a few days ago, I posted myself huffing and puffing on the peak of a mountain. News travelled down the line about a guy who had to be rescued from there prior to us reaching that point. He rang the police and they took him to a doctor because of exhaustion.

Whilst we were resting on the edge of a dried up creek bed yesterday, Ted appeared. He didn’t look well so we made him stop and rest with us. He tows a cart like Gerard did last year but it is bigger. 

 He is a very experienced hiker but has been suffering with some sort of stomach bug. Being male, his ego made him persevere and told him that he could do it! I’m not being  a man hater. they were his own words and I have no judgement. 
It is merely an observation. 

Ted and I spent the afternoon together today and we discussed how easy it is to talk yourself into things. He had other similar stories about previous hikes, where he was on the verge of blood poisoning on a Canadian hike, and when he had swamp foot on an American hike. I sat there looking at him in wonder. He has hiked thousands of kilometres over his lifetime yet he still manages to get into trouble. He is so aware of his ego and is trying to let it go. Do boys ever grow up??!!

It made me realise that my slow and steady pace is perhaps the wisest way to go. For me, this is not a race. I have nothing to prove and I am not going to get an injury by rushing or ignoring health signs. I had a rest day today because of blisters. I feel pride rather than failure. My Camino is just that…mine!

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