Morning delights…

I’ve decided to take a rest day as the blisters is are really hurting. The others have walked on and I plan to taxi to the next town. I have seen the results in the past of people walking with bad blisters and it only gets worse. Prevention is the key. It is too early in the piece to have injuries and I want to be able to enjoy this Camino. It is not a race or endurance test for me. 

I’m lying in bed, right next to the communal bathroom and listening to the now familiar sounds of men in the mornings. The wall is paper thin and I leave it up to your imagination what I am listening to! I feel sick!! It has destroyed the luxury of having a lie-in. Guess I’ll get up and go for a wander around town for a bit. Hopefully a cafe will be open.

3 Replies to “Morning delights…”

  1. Great reading your blog thingy but the technology is beyond me as to replying. This is the only way I know. Love reading about your adventures tho. Take care and look after the tootsies. Xxx

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