The Running of the Pigs

Today we walked through pig farms

They seemed harmless enough and we were just wandering along enjoying the scenery, when all of a sudden, there was a sound of hooves thundering along the path behind us. I turned around and saw a very large pig racing down the hill, ​

​a cloud of dust surrounding him as he snorted and galloped towards us. I discovered that it is possible to run with a backpack on! 

The others didn’t seem to understand what was happening and just stood there watching me racing towards a tree to put something between me and the rogue beast. It must have been quite a sight as they doubled up laughing at me. Seems the highlight of the day was watching the poor piggy racing down the hill straight past us, rushing to get to his mates down by the waterhole. He wasn’t chasing us at all. He just wanted to roll in the mud and have a drink!  

3 Replies to “The Running of the Pigs”

  1. What a pity the girls were laughing and not taking a movie! What a sight to see you running with a heavy backpack. That’s your cardio done and dusted for the day!!


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