Are they hoof or human footprints I’m leaving behind me? I think I’m turning into a mountain goat!

Had a great day today but the guide book lied bigtime.  It said 13kms but my GPS said nearly 19, so the walk seemed eternal. The last 5 kms is always the longest and it was once again in searing heat and mostly on a gravel road so it was really hot underfoot. The book showed a long slow climb but it was more steep mountains!! 

I am feeling fitter already but I do walk slower than the others so no wonder I was struggling yesterday. It seems I had a stomach bug. Much better now and it seemed a little easier today.

We had some really funny moments today. We walked through goat farms and pig farms. We had philosophical conversations as we tried to identify the poo on the path, and this led into lessons on sphincter muscles and their mechanics. I learned a lot. Colleen is a font of knowledge about such important matters! 

Our Camino Angel today appeared in the form of a gentle toothless old chappie who was waiting at the turn off to the path. There is a gate there and it is easy to miss, so he stood there for a while directing the pilgrims. 

The climb up the mountains was very unexpected and quite a challenge again. I guess the heat of the day got to us as Colleen and I were looking at our umbrellas and we decided to give them names as they have become our best friends on this Camino. Hers is Molly (a good English name), and mine is Bruce (a good Aussie name). Conversation then turned to the adventures they could have and we realised that if they were to have children, they would be ‘brollies’ !!!! Well, we thought this was hilarious anyway. 

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