Reunion Day

Branden and I spent the morning traipsing around the streets of Seville. It is really such a beautiful city. We wandered the town looking for the special pilgrim passport for the Camino Via de la Plata and were sent on to somewhere on the other side of town. We discovered a vibrant little section with lots of restaurants and ceramic tile shops etc. there is so much to see. And I wish I had more time. 

Colleen arrived from France and we all went to the Roman Baths and floated around in the bowels of the building in the various pools, steam room and salt scrub and bath room. It was followed by a massage-a perfect way to start our Camino!

No photos allowed, so I took some from their pamphlet. It was truly luxurious.

Went for s wander in search of food and ice cream after that, finding ourselves at the Alcazar

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